behind the eye.png

 Folake Fadojutimi

Contemporary Video Art


Visual Snow

‘Visual snow’ is a compilation of animated drawings and images showing my experiences dealing with a rare eye condition known as visual snow as well as my thoughts and my day-to-day life coping with it. Visual snow causes static like dots to appear in your whole field of vision as well as: headaches, after images, and difficulties seeing at night. 
In the narrative of visual snow, the themes I explore are quite dark as I show in one of the animated drawings how I cannot find any relief from the static like dots even when sleeping, however, despite this I chose to go for a more comedic approach to make light of my situation as it made it easier to work around an issue that I still currently deal with.


Propaganda Families

‘Propaganda Families’ is a political and social take of society when it comes to standards that have been imposed throughout people’s lives no matter where they live, for example the digital drawing of the family that you see in the beginning of the clip, is a post war American family from the 1950’s. And the family you see at the end of the clip is a representation of China’s recently lifted one Child policy law. Both Families are representations of what standards were wanted at different eras in each society.
Despite China and America seeing themselves as vastly different from one another. Both there uses of propaganda were quite similar.



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